When an aging parent becomes ill, it can often lead to issues between family members. Even family members who have a good relationship can find themselves arguing over care for their parents. For families that already have a strained relationship, fighting over a parent’s care can further negatively affect the relationship between family members.    
Whenever siblings are helping manage or take care of a parent, there may be several aspects siblings may argue over. These elements include being upset that another sibling is not contributing enough to care for the aging parent, the primary caregiver feels like they cannot be assertive in the care of the aging parent, and issues related to old family dynamics being dredged up.

It is important that family members make sure they work out any matters related to their loved one’s care. Otherwise, they can find their relationships with one another getting worse or potentially hurting their loved one’s health further. Family members can ensure that their relationship stays resilient while taking care of an aging loved one by following several tips. These tips include making sure to have open lines of communication where you can discuss how you feel about the situation, be open about concerns, validate what other family members say, understand that different family members have different capabilities and recognize your limitations.

When one child becomes the primary caregiver for an aging parent, they can be more susceptible to caregiver burnout and resentfulness towards other siblings. Respite Care can help prevent caregiver burnout and resentment towards other family members by offering a short-term care reprieve to the caregivers. At Sprain Brook Manor we understand that taking care of a loved one can put extra stress on family members and we offer several services including respite care, short-term nursing care and long term nursing care which can help alleviate family care-related stress. In addition, we understand the importance of knowing your loved one is in a caring environment with skilled staff, and that is why we are also working towards being the top rated nursing home and rehab center serving Scarsdale, Westchester, Yonkers and the greater tri-state area.

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