Sprain Brook Manor recently received a 5- star rating from CMS.gov, the highest rating a facility can receive from the government. While we are obviously proud of this hard-earned accomplishment, it would not have been possible without all of the people who make our facility the special place that it is.

One of the outstanding individuals who serve our patients, residents and their families, is our Director of Social Services, Sherry Saturno.


When you meet Sherry, you immediately notice her bright smile, gentle demeanor and unmistakable warmth. Within moments of getting to know her, it’s clear that she operates from a place of compassion, understanding, and experience. All of these qualities are key components to her success as the Director of Social Services at Sprain Brook Manor.

Over the course of her highly successful and decorated career, Sherry has worked in various areas within her field. She’s helped at-risk youth and teen sex workers, clients in local housing authorities in New York City, worked as a direct care social worker, as a clinical director at a medical center, and as an executive director of a non-profit but her passion lies in helping seniors and their families.

When asked what she loves best about working with seniors, specifically here at Sprain Brook Manor, she said, “Seeing how seniors can still maintain a vibrant lifestyle…and have lots of friends here, lots of activities. Our nursing home and rehab center can be a place of support, a place of community. Where people are still learning and keeping up with current events.”

Sherry’s passion is evident not only in her day to day work here at Sprain but also in the diverse accomplishments outside the office, of which there are many. However, most families who sit down with Sherry may never know about the wide range of her professional achievements.

You see, Sherry doesn’t like to toot her own horn, so that’s why we’re tooting it for her.

Sherry is a national award-winning social worker with a multitude of degrees, and credits on her resume and this spring she’ll be adding another.

On April 14th, in Atlanta, Georgia, Sherry will be inducted as a Distinguished Fellow and Practitioner at the 2018 National Forum by the National Academies of Practice. NPA is a non-profit, inter-professional organization, comprised of 250 healthcare professionals who are carefully selected from all over the nation. NPA holds Healthcare Policy Forums, Membership Symposiums, Annual Conferences and Congressional Briefings.

Sprain Brook Manor is honored to be sponsoring Sherry’s upcoming trip to the NPA forumfor her induction. She’ll even be giving a speech while she’s there. Some people might feel nervous about taking on this high profile public speaking opportunity. Not our Sherry. Truth be told, it’s not a new experience for her because Sherry has given a TEDx Talk, Use Your Broken Heart to Find Your Greatness.

Wait. There’s more.

When she isn’t rocking amazing speeches, Sherry is busy being an award-winning filmmaker. Her short film, Human Investment, won the 2016 National Association of Social Workers Media Award for Best Documentary Film.

The list of Sherry’s professional accomplishments is seemingly endless and we are so proud to have her as an integral part of our Sprain Brook Manor team.


However, what rises above all the degrees and awards, is Sherry’s kindness and her dedication to the patients, residents, and families here at Sprain Brook.

Keep up the great work, Sherry! We are lucky to have you on our team.