If you’re reading this, and you’ve had to cook for your family of four or five people, then you can appreciate how difficult it might be to cook three meals a day, for over one hundred individuals. The key word in that sentence is ‘individual’. Everyone has different likes and dislikes and varying favorites, especially when it comes to what we eat and nobody knows that better than our intrepid kitchen crew.

Steve and Dionne and their team (pictured below) tackle the challenge every day with a positive attitude. They know that the personal touches make all the difference. Steve said, “Anytime good praises are given by family members and residents, I always introduce them to the person responsible, this way they know that their efforts and hard work is not going unnoticed.”

Pictured Above: Anita, Frederick, Kevin, Dionne, Vernon, Bryan, Alvin (seated),
Steve (Front Row)
Each team member brings something special to the kitchen. Here’s what Steve and Dionne shared with us about each member of the Sprain Brook Manor kitchen crew.

Lance- Great worker.
Alvin- Excellent work ethic.
Vernon- Takes great care with food production.
Bryan- Reliable.
Mack’s- Dependable.
Romaine- Passion for cooking.
Tenisha- Very reliable for coverage when others call out.
Anita- Very sweet personality great with staff and residents.
Joseph- Really outgoing A resident favorite!
Fredrick- Humble.
Allen- Our resident comedian.While everyone plays an integral part of the team, there is one team member who deserves an extra shoutout–Kevin.
In the past year, he has never once been late to work, he’s never called out sick or not shown up and he’s worked double shifts back to back.

Anytime we’ve had someone out sick, he’s covered and often without having to be asked. He volunteers and steps up at every turn. It’s that kind of dependability, dedication and consistency that makes Kevin one of our most valuable employees.