Sprain Brook Manor, and our sister facility, Adira at Riverside Rehabilitation, are both FINALISTS for the 2019 Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award. This is a huge honor, as only 7% of facilities nationwide qualify.

Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to ACHCA for this exciting honor.

From the ACHCH Website

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The current administrator has been the administrator of record for the full 2018 calendar year.
  • No survey (Health, Fire Safety and Complaint) in the past three years with a citation above “E” in Scope and Severity
  • Occupancy of at least 80% as defined by CMS Survey report
  • At least two CMS 4-quarter average QM score equal to or better than the top quartile for the USA for the Quality Measures listed below:
  1. Short Stay Pain – Less than 1.000%
  2. Long Stay Pain – Less than or equal to 1.000%
  3. Short Stay Pressure Ulcers – Less than or equal to 0.325%
  4. Long Stay Pressure Ulcers – Less than or equal to 4.610%
  5. Long Stay UTI – Less than or equal to 1.800%
  6. Short Stay Psychotropic Meds – Less than or equal to 1.260%
  7. Long Stay Psychotropic Meds – Less than or equal to 12.700%
  8. Short Stay % Improvement in Function – Greater than or equal 68.49%
  • Avoidance of Special Focus Facility status
  • To receive the award, all of the above conditions must be met

Congratulations to Sprain Brook Manor Rehab‘s administrator, Akiva Fried and to Eric Fischbein, Adminstrator of Adira at Riverside. Your leadership has made this possible for our facilities.