Suzette Bernard, the Director of Admissions for Sprain Brook Manor Rehab, is an American success story. After immigrating to the United States from Jamaica in the early 1990’s, she became a nurse’s aide and has worked in healthcare ever since. Along the way, Suzette obtained her American citizenship as well. For some, that might be enough but Suzette had her eyes on a bigger prize.


 “I used to admire the ladies in the offices and think to myself, one day I will work in an office as well…so I went to college and majored in Hospitality Management, and got a degree in business administration.” 

All of us at Sprain Brook Manor are glad she did but Suzette does much more than get our patients in the door from the hospitals. It goes without saying that she’s developed and maintained excellent relationships with social workers and case managers from all over the tri-county area. They all know Suzette! However, Suzette’s contribution to our little family goes far beyond the daily grind of dealing with insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare. Her personal investment in our patients and residents is what makes Suzette such a valued member of the team. If she’s not at her desk, she can be found on one of the floors, chatting with any number of patients.

“I must say Sprain Brook is my everything… my home…I am happiest when I am here…there is something about this place…As you walk through the door, you know within your self, that today I will make a big difference in someone’s life. It could be a resident, a family member, a coworker or a visitor. My favorite though are my residents. I look forward to our conversations.”

She’s rarely without a smile, and even while struggling with her own cancer battle, Suzette shows up and gives it her all. Her love for our facility, and all the people in it, is evident in all that she does.

Keep flashing that megawatt smile, Suzette. It lights up the halls of Sprain Brook Manor.