Summary of Heart Disease & Stroke Statistics 2014 UpdateOne of the most important aspects of heart disease and stroke prevention is to understand the statistics of those affected. Every Year the American Heart Association, the NIH, CDC and other governmental agencies work together to release a statistical report on stroke and heart disease’s morbidity,  mortality rates and other variables related to cardiovascular disease. This report is released to the public so that researchers, clinicians, policy makers, media professional and others can use this information as a resource.  Some of the most interesting findings have been included below (for full update summary click here) 

  • Prevalence: 33% of Americans older than 20 years have hypertension (est. 78 million).
    • Men and women have about the same prevalence rate
    • African Americans Adults have one of the highest prevalence rates (44%)
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths have decreased but the burden in still high
    • From 2000-2010 deaths attributed to CVD fell 31%
      • However 31.9% of all deaths are contributed to CVD (787,650 deaths in 2010)
    • From 2000-2010 deaths from stroke fell 35.8%
      • However almost 800,000 people a year have a new or recurrent stroke and 1 out of every 19 deaths in American are from a stroke.
  • Cardiovascular Procedure Use & Cost
    • Total number of inpatient cardiovascular operations increased 28% ( to 7,588,000) from 2000 to 2010
    • Total cost related to CVD and stroke in 2010 is estimated at about $315.4 billion
      • In comparison cost related to cancer and benign neoplasm was 201.5 billion

 These CVD and stroke statistics from the Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2014 Update indicate that while there have been major improvements in the population’s health in the past 40 years, stroke and CVD is still extremely common and a major health concern in the United States. In fact, every 34 seconds an American has a coronary event and every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke.One way to improve the mortality rate for stroke and CVD is to ensure that individuals who go through these severe medical  events have appropriate rehabilitation care.  At Sprain Brook Manor’s Rehabilitation Center in Westchester facility they specialize in skilled nursing care, pulmonary therapy, speech therapy and cardiac therapy that is essential to the recovery of individuals who recently had a stroke or cardiovascular event.This post is provided by Sprain Brook Manor Rehab which Provides unique opportunity to recover from medical procedures that result in true satisfying results. Getting you stronger and better every day. Contact us today to receive more information.Disclaimer: The information provided in this post in not intended to be construed as health advice, nor should it be considered a substitute for obtaining individual medical counsel or consulting your physician.