In 2006 the oldest baby boomers turned 60. These individuals are the first of a generation of that is estimated to include 78.2 million Americans. These baby boomers can look forward to a long retirement as in 2011, the average life expectancy was 78.7 years (source).  Therefore, it should be no surprise that a growing topic is staying young while aging.  Below, several different strategies and suggestions are listed for staying young while aging.Mental Health is a very important aspect in maintaining the quality of life as one ages. According to Psychologist Dennis Kravetz  there is a lot of research that links positive attitude to the number of years people live. There are several things Kravetz recommends to maintain good mental health while aging including:

  • Developing a positive mental attitude about aging by looking forward to growing old
  • Making sure not to “act your age” so that you don’t fall into unhealthy habits of avoiding exercise or other healthy activities
  • Resist mobility aids until you need them as you can begin to rely on them and avoid maintaining  your fitness level
  • Continue to work in retirement as research has shown that for every extra year of retirement life expectancy dropped 2 months
  • Maintaining an optimistic outlook even if you have an illness or disease as an optimistic outlook significantly lowers your risk of dying from these diseases compared to a pessimistic outlook.

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