The Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter has been saving animals for over 40 years. Their caring staff serves lost, abandoned, and unwanted animals in the city of Mt. Vernon. The Residents and Staff of Sprain Brook Manor Rehab decided in preparation for the holiday season to give back to the Mt. Vernon community by helping bake some treats for the countless animals that will be waiting to get a home this holiday season.  Using several dog friendly ingredients and a lot of elbow grease, the residents at the Yonkers rehab center created countless dog biscuits for man’s best friend. When the residents were done mixing the ingredients in metals bowls and rolling them out on trays, the treats were baked and then ready to be delivered. Residents then transported the treats and dog toys to the Animal Shelter to where they could be distributed to the very happy and excited dogs. If you are looking to adopt an animal or would like to volunteer at an animal shelter this holiday season please visits the Mt. Vernon animal Shelter’s website. They have several opportunities for volunteers including performing shelter duties and transporting the animals. You can also see the Sprain Brook Westchester Nursing Home animal shelter visit in lohud.