Mother’s day has always been a special day here at Sprain Brook Manor Rehab in Westchester. We have a Dedication to families and an understanding that family and the love and support that comes from family is a vital part of the healing and rehab process. That is why we strive to create a loving family environment with the goal of treating our patients with the same care and compassion as if they were our mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters. It should be no surprise that Mother’s Day has always been a holiday that is very important to us as it is a time from our Sprain Brook family to come together with our patient’s families and celebrate the women who are central to all of our lives.

This year’s Mother’s Day has a special significance as it was the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day being an officially approved presidential holiday. The holiday was founded so that Americans have the chance to express “our love and reverence for the mothers of our country” (President Woodrow Wilson, May 9th 1914). Every year At Sprain Brook Manor we want to make sure that each patient in our center has the opportunity to be with their family regardless of the patient’s current medical and rehabilitation needs and concerns. That is why we invited all of our patient’s families to RSVP to our annual Mother’s Day event

At this year’s annual Mother’s Day Family Event we had a spectacular turnout from the family, friends and the community at large. Our rehabilitation center Westchester main dining room was packed with over 120 patients and their family and friends. In addition, it was a spectacular day so patients and families could enjoy the beautiful gardens and comfortable patio at our rehabilitation center Westchester facility. The day’s entertainment included music by Teri & Frankie, a phenomenal singing duo (provided by the services of Steve Michaels). In addition, our wonderful and talented dining staff created the perfect spring brunch with a menu that included Western Style Herb Omelets, Fresh French Toast, Fresh cut Turkey Breast, Home fries, Mixed green salad, Fruit salad and refreshing Mimosas.

Our staff was so ecstatic with the turnout and positive feedback from this year’s Mother’s Day Event at the Sprain Brook Manor rehab facility that we cannot wait to try to top this year’s event next year! Thank you again to all the staff, patients, family and friends that made this year’s Mother’s Day event so special.

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