This week our patients and residents were treated to several visits by local youngsters. We had two days of performances by the students from Scarsdale’s Seely Place School. They came to Sprain Brook Manor and regaled our seniors with some classic holiday songs. The Christmas season can be a lonely time for some, especially when friends and family don’t live nearby, and this week’s performances by these adorable young people brightened the days for everyone at Sprain Brook Manor.

The fun didn’t stop there because we also had a visit from School 32 in Yonkers. Several students, along with Mr. & Mrs. Clause spent the morning doing crafts, singing, dancing and visiting patients in their rooms. During the holidays, much energy and money is spent on choosing what presents to buy or which stores to shop in. However, the children who visited us this week, shared the greatest gifts of all–their smiles, attention and laughter.

Surely, there is no greater gift.

Many thanks to the students, their teachers and families for spreading holiday cheer in our little neck of the woods. If you would like to see the full photo album, please visit our Facebook page.