If there’s one quality at Sprain Brook Manor that we have an abundance of, it’s personality! One of those vibrant personalities belongs to Joni Campbell and if you’ve been to Sprain, then you must have met Joni. She is a feisty ball of energy who juggles multiple tasks and when you get to know her, it’s evident that hers is a labor of love. 

Joni has been with Sprain Brook Manor for eight years. She arrived in healthcare after several years in retail. When she first came on board at Sprain, Joni started as a receptionist but quickly began taking on other responsibilities from the front desk. Whether it was helping residents with a special food order or aiding a family as they adjusted to their new reality, Joni was always willing to jump in and help. As she told me, “They couldn’t keep me in my seat any longer. So Ari came to me and said, ‘You will be client services now!’”


Her official title may be Client Services but she also helps plan many of our events, is the purchasing director for all non-clinical supplies for both Sprain and our sister facility, Adira at Riverside. As if that isn’t enough hats to wear, Joni also serves as the Administrative Assistant for the company CEO, Allen “Ari” Stein.

Nowadays, many people change jobs the way others change their socks, and eight years is a long time to remain at one company. So, I asked Joni what she loves so much about working at Sprain Brook.

“Our staff treats our residents as family and friends…We offer food to the visitors, this way they can have lunch or dinner with their family or friends. Plus, we have the best recreation here, and bring in entertainment all the time.”

 To say that Joni loves her job would be an understatement but the job loves her too. We call her the ‘Google’ of Sprain Brook because if there is anything that you need to know about Sprain Brook Manor, then Joni probably has the answer and if she doesn’t, you can be sure she won’t rest until she gets it.

I asked Joni to give me three words that she feels are best to describe Sprain Brook Manor and she said, “Warm. Family. Outstanding.” 

That warm family feeling, the one that many visitors attribute to our facility, comes directly from the people who work here and Joni is certainly at the heart of it. We are a 5 -star facility because of the outstanding people who work here, people like Joni!