The ability to drive represents independence and self-sufficiently for many aging adults. When that independence is threatened often the reaction can be painful for both the aging adult and their family.  However, evaluating whether or not aging adults should drive often comes too late. In fact, in 2008 alone 15 older adults were killed every day and some 500 were injured in motor vehicle accidents (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Therefore, it is important as your loved ones age to watch for warning signs that it might be time for to stop driving.   Warning Signs that it is time to stop driving: ( Health Issues: If you or your loved one has health issues that could get in the way of awareness and vigilance then you might be putting yourself and other drivers at grave risk. These health issues could include eyesight problems, hearing problems, issues with reflexes and range of motions, and memory issues. Road Issues: If you find yourself or your loved ones drifting into other lanes, changing lanes without using turning signals or having other issues following road rules then this might indicate an issue with your ability to focus on driving and it might be time to get evaluated by a professional. In addition, if there is an increase in almost crashing, dents, hitting curbs etc, or you or your loved one has been getting more ticket or warning from police officers then you or your loved ones driving is showing a functional deficit and may need to be evaluated. Some people think that after a major health event that an aging individual will not be able to drive or do other important day to day tasks independently again.  At Sprain Brook Manor’s Rehabilitation center in Westchester the short term care and physical therapy is geared towards helping you or your loved ones regain independence in everyday tasks after a major healthy event. Sprain Brook Manor’s prides itself on having the best skilled nursing care in Westchester team that will create an individualized rehabilitation plan to help you or your loved heal as quickly as possible. This post is provided by Sprain Brook Manor Rehab which Provides unique opportunity to recover from medical procedures that result in true satisfying results. Getting you stronger and better every day. Contact us today to receive more information. Disclaimer: The information provided in this post in not intended to be construed as health advice, nor should it be considered a substitute for obtaining individual medical counsel or consulting your physician.