It is finally summer which means sunny weather, more BBQs, and more down time.  Even though some summer days it might feel too hot to go outside, it is important for senior’s mental and physical health to stay active. If you’re a senior living in the tristate area then New York City is a great place to visit regularly. NYC’s department for the aging is a great resource for seniors to use to find fun things to do.  For example, on the department’s website there are links to  NYC’s top events that are great for seniors. The website also features deals such as 2 for 1 admission to the Staten Island Museum. You can also see what is playing on Broadway and book tickets to shows with ease. Another great resource to use to find activities for seniors is’s calendar. The calendar lists several fun and educational activities for seniors, such as hearing a lecture on online shopping or watching a classic movie.  If you’re a senior that is excited by the arts then is a perfect resource for you. Their events calendar will keep you up to date on the latest art related events and activities and they also have a kids section if you want to look for art related activities you can do with your family. At Sprain Brook Manor Rehab we understand how important it is for seniors to stay active. If you or a family member needs to recover for a health related event Sprain Brook Manor can offer highly effective short term rehab and care in Westchester to help make the recovery process as comfortable as possible. This post is provided by Sprain Brook Manor Rehab which Provides unique opportunity to recover from medical procedures that result in true satisfying results. Getting you stronger and better every day. Contact us today to receive more information. Disclaimer: The information provided in this post in not intended to be construed as health advice, nor should it be considered a substitute for obtaining individual medical counsel or consulting your physician.