As our loved ones age, we tend to focus on their physical health. However, research indicates that anxiety disorders are as common among the elderly as they are among the young. In fact, as much as 7 percent of older people have generalized anxiety disorder. Often the elderly could be struggling with mental health issues without receiving the help they need. There is new hope for aging adults struggling with anxiety and other mental health problems.



New research shows that Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) can help people over 60 have fewer depressive symptoms, improve their mental health and worry less. In a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, results showed that aging adults that had up to 10 sessions of CBT therapy had a 40% response rate (e.g. improved mental health) compared to only 22 percent response rate of those who received standard primary care.


Improving Aging adults mental health and general health is of utmost concern at Sprain Brook Manor. We understand the needs of our residents at our Westchester nursing home. That is why we provide the best short-term care and skilled nursing care possible. In addition, we understand that aging adults not only need their physical needs taken care of but also their psychological needs. Therefore, we have activities and caring staff that work to help heal our resident’s minds and body.


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